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Disability Workshops

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disability 101

The “Addressing Ableism & Creating Accessible Spaces Workshop” is a 1-2 hour workshop focused on providing participants with introductory knowledge and terminology about disability, ableism, and accessibility through: 

-Discussing terminology related to disability

-History of disability movements & theory

-Addressing stereotypes about disabled people

-Group discussion on ableist terminology & alternatives

-What does accessibility mean & how to create accessible spaces and programming

-Providing resources & online activists for further information 

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The Talk “Existing at the Intersections of Queer, Trans and Disabled” centers lived experiences of the presenter(s), discusses the differences in “coming out” for these identities, the inherent overlaps, and how they navigate stigma in their personal/professional life related to these identities.

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This is a unique workshop centered on creating collective knowledge about disabilities like mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders,  eating disorders, anxiety/panic disorders, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorders, etc.– from an intersectional and "radically accesible" perspective.

We will touch topics like:

- Key terminology

- Crip theory

- Spiritual Activism

- Navigating the psych-institution as queer/trans

- Self-Care strategies

- Collective-Care plans/alternatives 

- Radical Imagination and Cosmic-Care