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Transformative pedagogies

This is a 2 hour workshop to explore methodologies, strategies, and concrete tools/exercises to create learning spaces that strive to be spaces of liberation. This workshop is a bodymindspirit experience that aims to offer a brief introduction to:

-Feminist Pedagogies (i.e. hooks, Rendón, etc.)

-Methodologies, Pedagogies, and Theater of the Oppressed (i.e. Freire, Boal, Sandoval, etc.)

-Spiritual Activisms & Pedagogy (i.e. Keating, Lorde, Lara, etc.)

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theater of the oppressed 

This is a full day workshop (6 hours) to learn, explore, and experience and introduction to Latin American communitarian theatrical practices of liberation. It is a tailored experience created to learn how to incorporate performing arts within academic and communitarian learning spaces. We will engage with:

-Communitarian practices of storytelling and collective playwriting

-Basic low-cost skills to direct and produce communitarian plays 

-How to use theater as a tool to work on social justice issues and as a toll for conflict resolution

-How to create learning dynamics that integrate our bodymindspirits 

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hacking ACADEMIA 101-for students

Departing from our experience working with first generation college students and/or disabled, queer and/or trans folks–we developed a two hour workshop in which we will share tools and strategies to navigate academia in a successful and healthy manner. We will focus on covering topics like:

-Basic reading/writing skills


-Self-care stategies

-Networking skills

-CV and Cover letter writing

-College and Grad School applications

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This is a 3 hour workshop that offers concrete tips, tools and strategies to read, write, and do interdisciplinary research from an intersectional perspective. Concretely, we will works on issues like: 

-Critical thinking skills

-How to conceptualize a paper

-Understanding the research and writing process 

-Tips to read academic scholarship effectively

-Tips to write academic papers

-Detecting common mistakes 


-Creative academic writing 

-Writing and self-care

-Writing and research resources