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How to Respect Your Peers: An Open Conversation about respecting Gender

Click here to download the PDF

Made by: Toffee; Gray (They/Them) twitter @dogsbian ; Masa (He/Him); Lenna (They/Them) tumblr hatnhousejacket; Rowan (He/Him) instagram; Bren (she/her) twitter/instagram @brenthefren; Bambi (all) instagram @bambidraw.s twitter @_bambidraws; Drew (He/They) twitter/instagram @frogdad99; Seb (He/Him) twitter @valaissheep; Moriah (all) instagram @baconwrappedunicorns; Jay instagram/twitter @silberkuste

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Zine & Resource Guide for LGBTQIA+ Victim/survivors of sexual violence

Made by SafeZones interns at SDSU in 2018 Click here to download

active listening

Zine on Active Listening Skills

Made by SafeZones@SDSU intern Maria in 2018

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