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What is yet to come//

Experimental Journal for/by disabled queer/trans folks

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Hubble Finds an Einstein Ring. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA




The Queer Future(s) Collective is committed to the disruption of traditional processes of knowledge creation/distribution within and outside academia.


"What is yet to come/" is an interdisciplinary experimental journal that aims to become a radically accessible publication for/by disabled queer/trans folks. We want to discover ways to bridge the insights of community leaders/theorists/artists/activists/scientist/etc. who will be invited to participate in group conversations about the theme that will drive each issue.–with the insights of people from our online community who decide to answer to the guiding questions, writing prompts, and/or artistic explorations we will share. We aim to create a form of publication that erases the borders between "academic" and "non-academic" learning spaces and that disrupts the traditional dynamics of power that permeate the validation of knowledge.  





 IMPROVISATION #I: "Radical Accessibility"