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Slideshow of Images taken from an exercise in our workshop “Are Love, Justice, and Healing Accessible to Us? Intimacy Beyond Sex and Care Beyond Survival” at SDSU for Take Back the Week April 11, 2019

The images are answers to questions written on colorful sticky notes:

Self Care Is…. Self Care for my Mind Is…. Self Care for my Body Is….. Self Care for my Spirit Is….. Community Is…..Community Care Is….. Consent Is…..

A Slide Show of Images from our performance “Painful Knowledge/ Knowledge in Pain—An Elegy” at the Society for Disability Studies Conference in 2019. These Images are of some of the hundreds of carnations we used in our performance, with the flyers tied around them.

The flyers ask: “Is there a less painful way to be a scholar? to be an activist? to be a human?” “Who is you care network? Who is there to hold your pain? Who do you turn to to laugh? to cry?” “Who was the last human/non-human/ more-than-human being you said I love you to? Can you describe it?” and “How do you love across timespaces?”